EasyBlock is a protocol which allows investors of any-size to invest in StrongBlock Nodes.
EasyBlock is a protocol running on Fantom Network which enables investors of all sizes to invest in StrongBlock Nodes. StrongBlock normally requires a minimum investment amount of 10 $STRNGR but EasyBlock fractionalizes it to ~1/400th of the original cost.
In addition, StrongBlock runs on Ethereum Mainnet which has high gas fees. These conditions make StrongBlock inaccessible for most of the investors. On contrary, EasyBlock has a minimum investment amount of a couple of dollars per share and minimal gas fees. The amount generated from share sales is bridged to Ethereum Mainnet and used to purchase StrongBlock Nodes. Revenue generated from those nodes is bridged back to Fantom and distributed to shareholders.

How can you benefit from EasyBlock?

You can buy shares and start earning ~27.3% monthly returns in terms of $STRNGR (contrary to the popular information, Strongblock doesn't give 1% daily on average it is 0.91%) by owning parts of StrongBlock nodes. By compounding, you can increase your earnings further.
Last modified 2mo ago