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What is EasyBlock?

EasyBlock is a protocol which enables users to invest in StrongBlock indirectly from Fantom Network, eliminating the high gas fees of the Ethereum mainnet and the expensive minimum investment requirement of StrongBlock through the process.

How much can I earn with EasyBlock, is it less than StrongBlock?

StrongBlock rewards their nodes with a ~27.3% return each month, this means if the $STRONG price doesn't change you will be earning the same yield of ~27.3% (minus the fees and expenses) per month.
But you can compound much faster compared to Strongblock itself if it is your intention. For example, if you buy a Strong node you need ~110 days to buy another node (compound your earnings). On the other hand, even if you only purchase 10 EasyBlock shares you can buy ~3 more each month.

How can I sell my shares?

You can turn your shares into The Easy Club NFTs and sell them on the secondary market on PaintSwap.

Is my reward affected by $STRONG price?

Yes, as Easyblock doesn't use its own token and do all the payments in $USDC, your earnings are correlated with $STRONG price and ETH gas fees.

How Easyblock share price is Calculated?

The Easyblock share price increase and decrease according to Strong price and how it is calculated with this formula:
The "costOfBuyingNode" is 10 times the Strong price plus the estimated gas expenses of buying the node. We use our historical average for this purpose and it is currently $118. If the gas costs take a huge difference in any of the directions we can adjust that estimated cost.
The "rewardPremium" is calculated by taking 5% of the base share price and adding the amount of reward the share gets entitled to as soon as it gets purchased. Which is calculated by "(current accumulated but not yet distributed rewards / total number of shares)".
The "(current accumulated but not yet distributed rewards / total number of shares)" part of the rewardPremium is not something you are paying extra, you will get that amount back with the reward distributions. And the reason behind the +5% is that Easyblock offers Economies of Scale benefits on top of Strongblock (which allows frequent reward distributions and getting affected less by the gas fees). This is thanks to all the people who have invested in Easyblock and these benefits are reflected as a premium to the share price.

Are EasyBlock transactions transparent?

Yes, all our transactions are transparent and can be seen on the blockchain. You can visit the Contracts page to access relevant links to block explorer websites.

How can I invest in EasyBlock?

First, you need to switch Metamask to Fantom Network; to do this you can just visit easyblock.finance and confirm the popup regarding the network switch.
Secondly, you need to transfer some assets to Fantom Network. If you are using a centralized exchange, you can buy $FTM and transfer it directly to your wallet. If you have assets in another chain you can bridge them using anyswap.exchange.
EasyBlock shares are sold in $USDC which is a stable coin. You can swap any of your assets to $USDC from SpiritSwap or SpookySwap.
When you have enough $USDC in your account for your desired number of shares, you can click the button "Buy Shares". Only for your first transaction, you need to also complete the "Approve" transaction before buying.

I bought my shares, now what?

When people buy shares their investments are accumulated and when there is enough capital to buy a StrongBlock node they are transferred to Ethereum mainnet and the protocol buys a node. Those nodes generate revenue continuously, keeping in mind the running node count and gas fees this revenue will be bridged back to Fantom and distributed to users as $USDC. The rewards will directly be deposited into your wallets. Currently we are doing reward distributions every 5 days.

Are there any fees associated with EasyBlock?

EasyBlock protocol takes a 10% fee from share purchases.
10% fee is also taken from distributed rewards (to this date this has only been claimed rewards from Strongblock nodes but this also includes all kinds of distributions such as airdrops etc.) for development, management, and marketing purposes.

How frequently the rewards are getting paid and how the rewards are calculated?

With the current number of nodes we own, it is decided that we will pay the rewards every 5 days. The rewards will be directly deposited into your own wallet in $USDC.
YourEarnings=[AccumulatedRewardsExpenses]0.9YourShares/AllSharesYour Earnings = [Accumulated Rewards - Expenses]*0.9*YourShares/AllShares

Is EasyBlock affiliated with StrongBlock?

Currently, EasyBlock has no affiliation with StrongBlock. EasyBlock is just a protocol which invests in StrongBlock.
We are not liable for any financial or non-financial problem which Strongblock can cause.

My question is not answered here, what can I do?

You can join our Discord and ask your question there.